Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Pictures.

More Pictures

More Pictures.

More Pictures -Sundays Celebration

Celebration Pictures.

Here's a few photos from Sundays Celebration!

Celtic Team Honors.

Northwest Suburban league-Sunday -Major Division
Club Honors

1991 League 3rd Place
1991 Cup Winners
1992 League-Gold Div Champions
1992 Cup 3rd Place
1993 League Champions
1993 Cup Losing Finalist
1994 League World Cup Losing Finalist
1994/95 League Champions
1995 Cup Losing Finalist
1995/96 League 2nd Place.
1995/96 Cup Semi-Finalist
1996 League Champions
1996 Cup Losing Finalist
1997 League 4th Place
1997 Cup –***No Cup that year***
1998 League 4th Place
1998 Cup-***No Cup that year***
1999 League 7th Place
1999 Cup Lost in Semi-Finals
2000 League 4th Place
2000 Cup Lost in Semi-Finals
2001 League 4th Place
2001 Cup 3rd Place Lost in Semi-Finals to International 4-3
2002 League Champions
2002 Cup 3rd Place Lost in Semi-Finals to All Stars 3-1
2003 League 4th Place
2003 Cup Lost in Final to International 2-1
2004 League 2nd Place
2004 Cup-Lost in Quarter Final to International 3-2
2005 League 4th Place
2005 Cup-Lost in Semi-Final to Strikers –Lost 3-2
2006 League Champions
2006 Cup-Lost in Final to Arsenal 2-1
2007 League 2nd Place
2007 Cup Lost in Final to Geneva 6-4
2008 League 5 th Place
2008 Cup Quarter Finals-Lost 5-1 Arsenal
2009 League 6th Place
2009 Cup Semi Finals Lost to Strikers 1-0
2010 League 6th Place
2010 Cup Quarterfinals Lost to Highlanders 5-0
2011 League 7th Place
2011 Cup Did not Participate

Over 30’s –Honors
2003 League 5th Place
2003-Cup Knocked out in early round.
2004 League Champions
2004 Cup Knocked out in early round.
2005 League-6th Place
2005 Cup Knocked out in early round.
2006 League 6th Place
2006 Cup Knocked out in early round
2007 League 7th Place
2007 Cup Knocked out in early round
2008 League 7th Place
2008 Cup Dropped out-No Team
2009 League 6th Place
2009 Knocked out in early Round
2010 League Relegated
2010 Cup Knocked out in early round
2011 League 8th Place
2011 Cup Knocked out in early round

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Boys Win League***Team Picture ***

Congrats to the Sunday boys on Winning the NSSL Championship!
A big hand goes out to Stuart O'Brien and the boys on this great feat!

Team Picture:
(Back )L to R: John O'Sullivan,Jason King,Mike Schriner,Derek Byrne,Phil Swarbrick,Ed Lloyd,Dave Walsh,Bill Niemayer,Joe O'Toole,Tom Keddy,Sargon Matti,Stuart O'Brien.
(Front)L to R:Sergio Gomez,Alan Morris,Tom O'Doherty(Capt)Conor Burke,Kevin Farrell,Mark Craft,Gerald Brett.Not in Photo,Ramses Meijer,Kevin Mikulaninec,Gerald Norris,Paul Higgins.
Match Report
On Sunday at Woodland Meadow we defeated International 7-0
in a shortened game as the visitors could only muster
up 8 players.We had a Hat-trick from Tom Keddy and one
each from Mike Schriner, Sargon Matti, Derek Byrne and

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Who to Contact if you want to play.

If you are looking to train or tryout for one of our teams, contact John O'Sullivan who will forward your info to the managers.

Send feedback or questions on the website to Bill McLaughlin.

For team or league matters or for general inquiries, please contact John O'Sullivan.

Celtic Committee Members
Honorary President:John O'Sullivan
Chairman:Matt Collins
Secretary:Greg Lloyd
Treasurer:Denis Foley
Website: Bill McLaughlin
Board Members: Jerry Szylke
Over 30's Managers:Greg Lloyd,Albert Mottershaw

Club History

Chicago Celtic Soccer Club was originally founded in 1957 and re-established in 1991 by a bunch of Irish lads who were not satisfied with the role that soccer played in the lives of the local inhabitants. When the team started it consisting entirely of Irish Ex-Patriots. In recent years the team has become more international with members hailing from England, Scotland, USA and a few other countries as well.

Our Open Team and Over 30's Team compete in the Premier Soccer League of Chicagoland (formerly Northwest Suburban Soccer League).

Honors and Awards
2010 PSSL Cup-Quarter Finals vs ?
2010 PSSL Open Major Division-6th Place 7 Wins,6 Losses,3 draws,52 goals for ,27 against.24 points
2009 PSSL Open Major Division-6th Place 6 Wins,7 losses,3 draws.35 goals for ,29 against.21 points
2009 PSSl Cup-Semi Final Lost 1-0 Naperville Strikers

2008 NSSL Open Major Division-5th Place 9 Wins, 6 Losses,2 draws.45 goals for ,41 against.29 points
2008 NSSL Cup -Quarter Final lost 5-1 Arsenal

2007 NSSL Open Major Division - 2nd Place 12 Wins, 4 losses, 5 draws. 57 goals for, 37 goals against. 32 points.
2007 NSSL Cup Finalist -Lost 6-4 Geneva

Over 30's
2010 PSSL Over 30's.3 Wins,13 Losses,0 draws,19 goals for,62 against.4 points (Relegated)
2010 PSSl Cup-Did not qualify
2009 PSSl Over 30's 4 Wins,11 losses,2 draws,27 goals for,62 against.14 points
2009 PSSL Cup-Did not qualify

2008 NSSL Over 30's.4 Wins, 12 losses,2 draws.36 goals for ,57 against.14 points
2008 NSSL Over 30's Cup -Dropped out

2007 NSSL Over 30's. 5 wins, 9 losses, 0 draws. 35 goals for, 44 goals against.15 points
2007 NSSL Over 30's Cup-Dropped out

2006 NSSL Open Major Division-Champions.13 Wins ,2 losses,3 draws. 76 goals for.31 goals against.42 points
2006 NSSL Cup -Lost in Final to Arsenal 2-1

2006 NSSL Over 30's.-6th Place.3 Wins,10 losses,2 draws.29 goals for,56 against.
2006 NSSL Over 30's Cup - Didn't qualify from first round.

2009-No Team Awards
2008-No Team Awards

2007- Team Awards
Ed.Lloyd-Sunday Player of the Year
Stuart O'Brien-Clubman of the year
Barry Swann-Sat Over 30' Player of the Year
John Quinn-Sat Clubman of the Year
Ryan Hayes-Sat Reserves Player of the Year
Ruari Barnwell-Sat Reserves Clubman of the Year

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Photo from 2003 Illinois State Cup

This is a nice photo from the 2003 State Cup. With our new website, we hope to publish photos more frequently as it will be much easier to do so.

Chicago Celtic club crest